Side Effects?

What Are Some Possible Side Effects After the First Few Treatments?

It is not unusual for some individuals to experience soreness and general fatigue after the initial treatments. This is because muscles which have been locked into contracted states fill with toxins and waste products. These are some of the same acids and neurological irritants which created muscle soreness after an intense aerobic workout or an afternoon of yard work. During a treatment these trapped toxins are manually forced back into the blood stream for removal. The large quantity of toxins are primarily responsible for for the feelings of soreness and fatigue. However, plenty of water and rest should relieve this condition. The most important point is not to be alarmed by changes that the body is adjusting to. The beneficial physiological changes are cumulative, and the change is necessary to create new and improved patterns of movement.

To enhance the move toward a high level of health:

  • Implementation of appropriate stretching and exercise program
  • Optimum nutrition
  • Sleep, rest and relaxation are also important factors
  • Low stress levels

The therapy may put the tissue into a healing mode; however, it is up to the individual to make the most of it.

Does Massage Therapy Hurt?

There is a certain amount of tenderness in any deep muscle therapy when the muscle is “tight”. The greatest discomfort is usually experienced after the first treatment. Mild pressure does not elicit pain in normal healthy relaxed tissue, therefore the presence of pain during the physical manipulation of the tissue is a valuable guidline to the therapist. It indicates those areas where adhesions, muscular spasms, trigger points and cellular toxins are located. Continuous feedback from the client is encouraged to ensure that the therapy is conducted with the minimum degree of discomfort. It is often described as “it’s a good hurt”!

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